NOVEMBER 5 AND 6, 2010

Keynote Address by Dr. PETER VAN INWAGEN
(John Cardinal O'Hara Professor of Philosophy, Notre Dame University)

Complete Program (MS WORD format):  

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          Conference information:

Meetings:    Paper sessions on Friday will be held on the third floor of the MLK, Jr. University Union on the EIU
campus.  Paper sessions on Saturday, as well as the Presidential and Keynote Addresses, as well as the Banquet,
will be held in the Doudna Fine Arts Center. 

Registration and Dues:
  The advanced registration fee is $40 for faculty, $30 for graduate students until October 31st. Payment after that date is $50 for faculty and $40 for graduate students. All payments may be made in advance, or collected at the door.   PLEASE DOWNLOAD AND RETURN THE PRE-REGISTRATION FORM ABOVE AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.


Banquet: The banquet will cost $18. It will will take place in the Theater at the Doudna Fine Arts Center.  Entree choices will be:
1.  Grilled Chicken with Feta, Tomatoes, and Greek Spices served over Bowtie Pasta with grilled fresh vegetables.
2.  Golden Tilapia served over couscous with grilled fresh vegetables.
3.  Eggplant Napoleon- with bulgur wheat, soy mozzarella and marinara served with fresh grilled vegetables.

All meals will include a dinner salad and rolls.    Everyone is strongly encouraged to attend the banquet.

Hotel: There are two hotels in Charleston: the Worthington Inn (where we have a block of rooms reserved) and the Days Inn.  In addition, there are two bed-and-breakfasts: The McGrady Inn and Queen Anne's.  I think the B&B's offer nicer accomodations, but space is limited.  In addition, Mattoon (10 miles away) has numerous hotels of various sizes and prices, so there should be no trouble with lack of vacancies.  All these places have websites that will give you more information than I could provide here.  Prices for the rooms reserved (under the name "Philosophy") at the Worthington: rooms with one double bed are $45, two double beds are $49, and one king bed are $49 (taxes not included). The local hotel phone number is (217) 348-8161.  For other questions concerning lodging, please contact the IPA local organizer, Grant Sterling (


Paper Sessions, Parking, and Keynote Address:  For a downloadable map of the EIU campus and directions, go to  Both the University Union and the Doudna Center are located near the center of campus.  Unfortunately, visitor parking fills quickly, and finding other parking is difficult on Fridays, but sometimes
street parking can be found either to the east or west of campus.  Saturday parking should be much easier.

  The banquet will be held in the Doudna Center.  

Commentators, Chairs, and abstracts of Accepted Papers
:  E-mail Grant Sterling at at
if you would like to serve as a session chair or commentator. Sessions that still require commentators
are marked below.

Presidential Address:  Grant Sterling     See Text [forthcoming]

Keynote Address:  What is an Ontological category?  Peter van Inwagen  See Text [forthcoming]

    Title                                                     Author       Link to paper/abstract    Needs Commentator?

Special Session on the Philosophy of Peter van Inwagen:

A Better Basis for Modal Skepticism                          Fischer         See Abstract

Peter van Inwagen and the Problem of Evil                    Gwaizda         See Abstract 

Temporally Restricted Mereology                              Steen, Mark     See Abstract

Temporal Wholes, Constitutent Ontology, and the
Special Composition Question                                 Taylor          See Abstract

Counting and Composition                                     Wallace         See Abstract

Other Papers:

Do Particles Have Free Will?                                  Allori         See Abstract        NO

Suicide Terrorism and the Hobbesian Sovereign                 Anderson       See Abstract        NO

A Priority Problem for the Constituent Solution               Bailey         See Abstract        NO

Emotivism and Inconsistency                                   Berntsen       See Abstract        NO

Toward Understanding Lincoln at Charleston
                   Carson         See Abstract        NO


Solving Sellarsian Dilemmas                                   Dickinson      See Abstract        NO


If I were in the shoes of a Non-Cognitivist...                Flummer        See Abstract        NO


Epistemic Altruism and the Demand for One Thought too Many    Gabriel        See Abstract        NO


Autism and Moral Indifferance                                 Gaier          See Abstract        NO

Van Inwagen and the Indeterminacy of Identity                 Gallegos       See Abstract        NO


Actualism, Contingency and the Brouwerian Axiom               Grummons       See Abstract        NO 

The Moral Status of Innocent Threats                          Hanna          See Abstract        NO

Is Anarchism Inevitable?                                      Kalumba        See Abstract        NO

Semanticism versus the Schmenglish Argument                   Kovacs         See Abstract        NO

Are Analyticity and Necessity A Posteriori Mutually Exclusive?  Lee          See Abstract        NO

Two-Conceptual-Scheme Compatibilism                           Machina        See Abstract        NO

Epistemic Descent Principles                                  Murphy         See Abstract        NO 

Heidegger's Phenomenology Modernity, and Sexual Objectification  Nenadic     See Abstract        NO

Defending the Implication Analysis                            Pynn           See Abstract        NO

Objects, Worldmaking, and Nihilism in Nietzsche               Remhof         See Abstract        NO

Causal Powers of Composites                                   Steen, Irem Kurtsal  See Abstract  NO 

Descartes' Argument for the Creation Doctrine                 Stencil        See Abstract        NO

Soft Facts and Ontological Dependence                         Todd           See Abstract        NO  

Identifying Inconsistencies in Plato's account of Eros        Wang           See Abstract        NO