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Photo credit - Mars 082803, Bob Holmes, Ashmore, IL)
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MLE 3110: Curriculum and Instruction in Middle School/MLE 4000: Practicum in the Middle School

EDU 2022 Teaching and Learning with Technology in the Classroom - Spring 2012, Fall 2013, Spring 2014

ELE 3290: Science in the Elementary and Middle School - Fall 2011


Local Sky Map

Charleston Middle School Solar Panel
(username: CharlestonMS, password: guest)

Charleston Clear Sky Clock



CMS Meteorology Page

Click for Charleston, Illinois Forecast

View the International Space Station or other orbiting spacecraft and satellites from your own back yard! This web site tells you when and where to look.

CMS P2K Pages

Recent Activities and Past Links

Education and public outreach for 2007-2009, the 4th International Polar Year, and the 50th anniversary of IGY and the birth of the Space Age.








To Mars with MER at CMS
The exciting new P2K project for 2003/2004 follows NASA's twin rover mission back to the Red Planet. Two rovers are always better than one!








Live From the Aurora
The 2002/03 school year brings this Passport to Knowledge interactive learning adventure. Join scientists at the NASA Goddard Space Flight Center in the study of space weather and nature's light show in the sky - the Aurora Borealis. P2K Live From the Aurora television broadcasts on Feb. 11th & March 18th on PBS and NASA TV.








Live From Mars 2001/02
Follow the NASA mission to the Red Planet as Mars Odyssey attempts to determine the composition of surface minerals, detect shallow buried ice, and study the radiation environment.









Passport to the Universe
Journey to the center of a black hole and to the edge of time and space during this P2K learning adventure. Just don't get too close to the event horizon.......










Passport to the Solar System
The 2000/01 Passport to Knowledge (P2K) project focusing on our planetary neighborhood. During this curriculum replacement unit students will be learning the latest about the nine planets from NASA mission scientists and collaborating with students from other schools.









Live From the Storm at CMS 1999/2000 Passport to Knowledge (P2K) project examined "heavy weather". During this exciting P2K module we met the men and women who brave the elements in order to better understand weather and climate, and make firm and life-saving predictions.







Live From the Sun at CMS The 1998/99 Passport to Knowledge (P2K) project that focused on our own "day star", space weather, solar storms, and the aurora. You didn't need your sun block to enjoy this module in the P2K series.









Live From Mars at CMS The 1997/98 visit to the Red Planet during which CMS students were featured on PBS and NASA TV conducting an activity titled MOLA.









Live From Antarctica II at CMS The 1997 P2K visit to the coldest, driest, windiest location on Earth.









Live From Mars at CMS The first CMS P2K Mars mission during the 1996/97 school year.








Live From HST The 1995 P2K project about the Hubble Space Telescope.








Live From the Stratosphere The first P2K project for CMS during the fall of 1995.



Model Rocket Altitude Predictor

Rocket Modeler

15 Easy Steps to A Sixty Second Weather Report

CyberScience Podcast
(iTunes for Mac or Windows required - Free download)

CyberScience Wiki

CMS Solar Panel
(username: CharlestonMS, password: guest)

Gold Team 2010/11

Tech 2011 at IL State Capitol Bldg

Web Elements

Frosted Flakes: The Science of Snowflakes

Precipitation Applet

WeatherWise Applets


NASA History Of Winter 2011, Lake Placid, NY - Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, Day 4, Day 5

EEAB Team Workspace Wiki

The Gateway to Astronaut Photography

NASA Space Your Face



Announcements, Notices, and Reminders

History of Winter: Part 1/ NASA eClips

History of Winter: Part 2/ NASA eClips

Snow Pit Study - Jan. 12, 2001

365 Days of Astronomy Podcast

Dr. Conwell's Blog

Noon Shadows on the Equinox 2009

Pictures of the Week


CMS at WCIA & NCSA - May 6th

CMS at Tech 2009

Frosted Flakes: The Science of Snowflakes

Frozen Vision by Peter Wasilewski

Current Weather at McMurdo, Antarctica | Fairbanks, Alaska

Ice Fog Demonstration

THEMIS Image Gallery

Tropical Page from the Weather Underground - U of Mich

National Hurricane Center

Fall Equinox 2008 - Sunrise / Sunset
(Sunrise photo credit - Richard Pirko, Youngstown, PA)

Measurement: The Powers of Ten

Pictures of the Week

Gold Team 2008/09


Rocket Modeler Launch Simulation

Alaska 1, Alaska 2, Alaska 3, Alaska 4, Alaska 5

Gold Team 2007/08

WCIA Visit Group Photo

WCIA / Beckman Institute Visit 042908

Weather Report from WCIA - Quicktime Movie

National Weather Center | Dorothy & TOTO

About the Real Dorothy and TOTO - Project VORTEX

Feb. 20th Total Lunar Eclipse , 9:15 PM Image - Early Umbra ,
10:00 PM Image - Late Umbra

Mars Student Imaging Project at CMS 2007/08

U. of Illinois - Weather World 2010

Mars MOLA Map

Pictures of the Week


Pictures of the Week 2006-07

Gold Team 2006/07

Design Your Own Roller Coaster

Six Flags St. Louis Official Website

Acceleration Lab - From Glenbrook South H.S. Physics Department

St. Valentine's Day Snow Scene

Tropical Storm Page from the U. of Michigan Weather Underground

Mentos - Diet Coke Demonstration
(Quicktime 7.0 required -
Mac or Windows)


Pictures of the Week

Gold Team 2005/06

Mars Student Imaging Project at CMS

2005 Tropical Storm/Hurricane Archive

Forces and Wind from Weather World 2010

MSIP Introduction Power Point , Video

Equinox Project Story in Times-Courier 9/23/05

Exploring Earth Visualizations

U of Mich Weather Underground: Tropical Weather

National Hurricane Center


Pictures of the Week

Gold Team 04/05

Cassini to Saturn

Tornado Animation

Reviewing Resources about Snow: A K-12 Pilot Project

NOAA/NWS Tri-State Tornado Webpage

Saturn - from Bill Arnett's Nine Planets

Saturn - from Calvin Hamilton's Views of the Solar System

Saturn - from NASA's Welcome to the Planets

Latest National IR Satellite Image

Current Views of the Sun

Sun Shadow Applet


Pictures of the Week

July 13, 2004 Storm, Bloomington, IL - Ominous Sky, Green Sky
Anvil Cloud Cumulonimbus

Mammatous Clouds - Courtesy of Jim Allsopp, Chicago NWS

June 8, 2004 Venus Transit Charleston Viewing Event

'The Day After Tomorrow': A Lot of Hot Air

A Visit to the CAVE at NCSA

CMS Mars Study Mentioned in NY Times 1/27/04

Solar System Simulator

To Mars with MER at CMS

Mars Exploration Rover Mission Official Site - Pictures from Mars!

Gusev Crater

Meridiani Planum

Mars Local Time at Landing Sites

Mars Exploration Rover (MER) Mission - Mission Clock & Landing Sites

Making a Cloud

Virtual Moon

NASA Eclipse Page


Tech 2003 / AT&T

Pictures of the Week 02/03

Visit to WCIA and the CAVE

Charleston Hail 5/13/03

Lunar Eclipse Video 5/15/03

Bubbleology: the Science of Soap Bubbles

March Madness 2003 at CMS

Snow Rollers #1, #2, #3

El Nino/La Nina Animation Page

The 2002 Leonids at Sister City Park

Student Data from Leonid Shower 11/19/02

Mars Exploration

Complete MOLA Map of Mars

Sunspots: An Activity from the Exploratorium

NASA Space Science News

Infrared Surface Temperature Application


Pictures of the Week 2001/02

2002 WCMS Weather Team

Fun with Filters


Pictures of the Week 2000/01

Buddy Picnic Group Pictures

CMS Six Flags Band Trip

A Visit to WCIA-TV

The Physics of Racing at the Texas Motor Speedway

Project Starshine

Sun Position Calculator

Color Mixing by Dr. Doug Davis, EIU Physics

DDE Water Investigation


Pictures of the Week 1999/00

Sunspots 6/7/00

J Track 3D - Satellite Tracking Program

Edmund Fitzgerald #1 , #2

Mars Pathfinder & Mars Global Surveyor

M.A.R.I.O. in Motion

M.A.R.I.O. in Motion
( Embedded 584K Quicktime )

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