A Visit to WCIA TV & The Beckman Institute

On Thursday, May 8, 2003, members of the WCMS Weather Team and the new Cloud Team visited WCIA TV in Champaign and the Beckman Institute in Urbana. While at WCIA they toured the facilities, taped a weather broadcast, and watched the noon news and weather report. Later they visited the CAVE at the Beckman Institute to experience 3-D visualizations. Special thanks to anchors Robert Reese and Gabrielle Martin at WCIA TV and Alan Craig at the Beckman Institute.

Touring the news room at WCIA TV

Natalie and Avery having fun with chroma-key

Natalie creates a thunderstorm

Taping the weekend weather report (click for Quicktime clip)

Shannon and Quincy as future TV anchors

Avery and Amanda in the spotlights

The Cloud Team

Robert Reese forecasting stormy weather

Robert and Gabrielle on-air

An exciting morning at WCIA TV (click for full size)

The Beckman Institute, University of Illinois (click for full size)

Experiencing the CAVE

Navigating through a 3-D computer world

A virtual storm (credit Dr. Bob Wilhelmson, U of I)