Melinda A. Mueller

Professor, Political Science, Eastern Illinois University

Coleman 2010         (217) 581-3022

*      Fall 2006 Office Hours:  MWF 10-11 am, T 11-noon, & by appointment (drop-ins welcome)

*      Information for Academic Advisees:

*      This academic year, I will not be serving as an academic advisor, since I will be the graduate coordinator for the fall semester. Old advisees should check with main office for their new advisor assignment. Always feel free to stop by for informal advising!

*      Classes I typically teach:

*      Fall semester:  Presidency (PLS 3753), Interest Groups (PLS 3733), American Government (PLS 1153/1193)

*      Spring semester:  Environmental Politics & Policy (PLS 3763), Graduate Seminar on Congress (PLS 5173), American Government (PLS 1153/1193)

*    Curriculum Vitae

*    Research Interests:

*      I am currently working on research on the 2006 House elections, focusing on the role that gender plays in campaign messages. Specifically, we are interested in whether any gender differences exist in terms of how candidates addressed the war in Iraq.