Evgeny Gordon

Emeritus Professor
Department of Mathematics
Eastern Illinois University

Charleston, IL 61920





E-mail: yigordon @eiu.edu,  gordonevgeny@gmail.com



Selected Publications

1. E.I. Gordon, L.Yu. Glebsky, C.W. Henson. Nonstandard analysis of the behavior of ergodic means of dynamical systems on very big finite probability spaces


2. M.A.Alekseev, L.Yu. Glebskii, E.I.Gordon. On approximations of groups, group actions and Hopf algebras. (Russian)  Representation Theory, Dynamical Systems,  Combinatorial ana Algebraic Methods. III, A.M.Vershik   editor, Russian Academy of Science. St.Petersburg Branch of V.A.Steklov's Mathematical Institute. Zapiski nauchnih seminarov POMI  256 (1999), 224-262.  English translation in:  Journal of Mathematical Sciences, 107, No.5 (2001), pp.4305-4332.

3. L.Yu. Glebsky, E.I. Gordon, C.W. Henson. Ergodic theorem for a Loeb space and hyperfinite approximations of dynamical systems


4. P.V. Andreev and E.I. Gordon. A Theory of Hyperfinite Sets.


5. S. Albeverio,  E.I. Gordon and A.Yu  Khrennikov Finite dimensional approximation of operatos in the Hilbert spaces of functions on locally compact abelian groups


6. L. Yu. Glebsky and Y.I. Gordon. On approximation of amenable groups by finite quasigroups. Journal of Mathematical Sciences.140, no.7, 2007, pp.369-375.


7. A.M. Vershik, E.I. Gordon. Groups, that are locally embeddable in the class of finite groups.  St. Petersburg Math Journal. 9, no. 1, pp.49 – 67.



8. J. Keisler. Elementary Calculus. An infinitesimal approach.


9. E.I. Gordon. Nonstandard Analysis and Locally Compact Abelian Groups






Lectures on Quantum Mechanics


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E.I. Gordon, P. Zlatos. Nonstandard Analysis Approach to the Foundation of Quantum Mechanics