Jeanna McFarland
Instructor - Kinesiology and Sports Studies Department
Ex-sponsor - EIU Dancers (click here)
Office: 1409 McAfee Gym
Eastern Illinois University
Charleston, IL 61920
Fax: (217) 581-7804
Education Education My educational history.


Ballroom Dance KSS 1920 Ballroom Dance
This course is designed to introduce students to the fundamentals of ballroom dance
jazz KSS 1940
Jazz Dance
Fundamentals of jazz dance techniques
Modern Dance KSS 2220 Technique and Theory Dance
This course invovles the development of basic techniques and skills of dance.

Country Line Dances

"I'm All Shook Up" - Fall 2012

"Slapping Leather" - Spring 2013

"Watermelon Crawl" - Spring 2014

"Footloose" - Fall 2014

"Boot Scootin' Boogie" - Spring 2015

Modern Dance KSS 2230 Technique and Theory of Modern Dance I An introduction to an American dance art form. The techniques and the philosophy on which they are based are explored in a studio setting. May be used as partial fulfillment of the fine arts and humanities requirements.
Classic Dance' KSS 2270 History and Philosophy of Dance A survey of Western theater dance from the 15th century to the present. Emphasis will be on the development of the ballet and modern dance forms. May be used as partial fulfillment of the humanities requirement.
International Dance

KSS 2900C International Expression for Dance

A study of major international dance forms, with emphasis on awareness, appreciation, and understanding of their contributions to the arts in past and present cultures.
Dance KSS 2960 Aesthetics of the Dance A study of dance as a created, performed, percieved art with discussion of aesthetic principles and stylistic approaches as they relate to dance as an art experiance. May be used as partial fulfillment of the fine arts and humanities requirements.