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Dr. Edward M. Treadwell

Associate Professor

Department of Chemistry

600 Lincoln Avenue

Eastern Illinois University

Charleston, IL 61920




Office Room 4450 Phys Sci Bldg






Interesting external links:

ACS American Chemical Society - biggest chemistry organization in US
ACS's Organic Chemistry Page - good info on organic happening as well as great source of online organic resources
NIH's medline plus website - gives information on the contents/use/precautions of prescription drugs. also they have recently included a section on herbals/supplements.
Mayo Clinic - excellent source on both diseases and drugs
FDA website - their center for drug evaluation and research
How Stuff Works - a very readable description of many common things/processes
Household Products - from NIH. list of chemicals present in brand-name products
Elements/Periodic Table - from the Royal Chemical Society

Prospective Summer Research Links for students