Charles I. Delman, Professor of Mathematics

Department of Mathematics and Computer Science
Eastern Illinois University, 600 Lincoln Avenue, Charleston IL 61920-3099, USA

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Personal Information:

I was born and grew up in the borough of Manhattan, New York City.  I received my A.B. degree in Mathematics from Harvard University (1982) and my Ph.D. in Mathematics from Cornell University (1992), where Allen Hatcher was my thesis advisor.  Before entering the Ph.D. program at Cornell, I taught middle school mathematics in the Ithaca, NY, public schools.  I served on the faculties of The Ohio State University and Pitzer College before coming to Eastern Illinois University in 1994.

Mathematical Interests:

My primary interests are geometric topology, particularly 3-dimensional manifolds and knot theory, dynamical systems, and geometry.   I have studied essential laminations and related structures in 3-manifolds with a focus on their application to Dehn surgery on knots.  I have collaborated in this area with Rachel Roberts of Washington University.  I have collaborated with Gregory Galperin on billiards on tables with pockets and on classical geometry.  Our joint article in Mathematics Magazine, "A Tale of Three Circles," won the 2004 Carl B. Allendoerfer Award from the  Mathematical Association of America.  I have recently taken an interest in mathematical economics and the theory of aggregate decisions as it applies to social choice.

Reprints of my papers may be requested at the email address above.  The more recent ones are available on this site in PDF format.

Other Interests:

I am commited to working toward a truly democratic society that meets the social and cultural needs of the world's people and sustains the diversity of life on earth.  Our current economic system is not sustainable and is being enforced by increasingly undemocratic means. 

I love art, music, and literature.  I love being close to the rest of nature, of which we humans are but a small part, and spend as much time as possible backpacking or canoeing with my children, Anna and Ben, and my partner, Barbara.