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My academic and professional background includes:

Here you will find some links to places relating to Geology and other items that interest me. Like all things on the web this page can be expected to change and always be "under construction."

For more information about me and the courses I teach at Eastern Illinois University check the links below. To send me an electronic message click here. If you have problems with this e-mail link, please check the preferences that are set in your web browser or helper application.

Here are links to the courses I am involved with here at Eastern.


Here is a link to the Seismic Monitor that shows recent earthquake activity in near real time, courtesy of IRIS.

These are programs that I have developed to augment instruction of Earth Science. To obtain my program. Click on the four links below. You need to download all four parts of the rock key for it to work properly. Be advised that you will probably have to save these files and open them manually using Stuffit Expander. The links to these freeware programs would have been operational a long time ago if the Eastern Illinois University Office of Telecommunications allowed people from off campus to download files, so much for really supporting the primary mission of the university - education.

Please note that for some reason you may get a message about these programs being incomplete. Save the file and manually open them with Stuffit Expander. These programs require HyperCard or a HyperCard player.

Simple Rock Key Introduction (about 20kb)
Igneous Rocks (about 60kb)
Sedimentary Rocks (about 90kb)
Metamorphic Rocks (about 50kb)

Click here to obtain my Illinois Stratigraphy HyperCard Stack (about 850kb) program.

Who and where is this? (about 120kb)

Here is a link to the virtual geology field trip of our area including Brian Scheidt's Rocky Branch page and Todd Danielczyck's Fox Ridge State Park page.

Here is a link to the park stratigraphy page.

Here is a link to my snow rollers page.

Here is a link to storm surge information.

My personal interest links page.

I would like to thank those who have provided the resources on the web that helped me construct this page.
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