Nenad Ilic, M. Sc. (Physics)
Physics Department
Eastern Illinois University
Charleston, Illinois




Investigated a risk of developing cancer and leukemia due to ionizing radiation using standard statistical methods and Monte Carlo simulation (The thesis title: "A Reanalysis of the Atomic Bomb Survivor's Cancer Rates Using a Monte Carlo Simulation" (short ppt file), or full pdf version)
Taught various physics, mathematics, chemistry and computer subjects at University and High School levels (Solid State Physics, Thermal Physics, Optics, Semiconductor Physics, Mechanics, Thermodynamics, Atomic Physics, Electronics, Linear algebra, Calculus, Differential Equations, Inorganic Chemistry, Access).

Contributor on "Dictionary of Material Science & High Energy Physics", Editor: Dr. D. Basu, CRC Press LLC Boca Raton Florida, January 2001).

Synthesized superconductor ceramic materials, studied electrical, magnetic, microstructure properties of ceramic materials (electrical conductivity, magnetic susceptibility, microstructure using scanning electronic microscopy); analyzed thermal properties of superconductor ceramic materials using differential thermal analysis and differential scanning calorimetry.

Used X-ray diffraction method to investigate crystallographic properties of superconductor ceramic materials; provided intensity analysis of particular maximums in order to get information for transition temperature to superconductivity state, and compared results to data obtained by conductivity and magnetic susceptibility measurements.

Investigated mobility of carriers of germanium based MOSFET structures.

Demonstrated abilities in analyzing risks due to exposure to ionizing radiation and air pollution computed external and internal doses due to Chernobyl fallout, calculated mortality risk, loss of life expectancy due to doses of ionizing radiation received by general population.

Computed solutions of the system of equations describing the production and destruction of nuclei in a radioactive chain.

Provided computing in High Energy Physics (Gauge Theories, Cross Sections of Decay of Vector Mesons).

Used computer programs Minitab and @RISK to simulate and analyze cancer (leukemia) mortality rates.

Wrote Maple and Mathematica programs to analyze simulated cancer (leukemia) mortality rates.

Solid programming knowledge of computer programs for doing mathematics by computer (Maple, Mathematica).

Solid knowledge of HTML.

Skilled in using programs: Quattro Pro, Excel, @RISK, RISKview, BestFit, Access, Paradox, Stanford Graphics, Origin, Minitab, SPSS, TeX, LaTeX, Word, WordPerfect, WebCT.

Proficient in DOS, WINDOWS, UNIX.




Phy 3011: Astronomy

Syllabus (Phy-3011) (Summer 2011)

Syllabus (Phy-1056) (Spring 2009)

Phy 3010: Energy and the Environment

Syllabus (Phy-3010) (Summer 2011)

Phy 3050-600: Excursions in Physics

Syllabus (Phy-3050) (Summer 2011)

Physics Lab (255C) (Southern Illinois University, Spring 2001);Thermal Physics (Ph. 445),Physics Solid State (Ph. 425),Optics (Ph. 328),

College Physics (Ph. 203A, Summer 2001) -a short example



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