Adjustment Scales for Children and Adolescents

About the Authors:

PAUL A. MCDERMOTT is a professor in the Graduate School of Education and Department of Psychiatry at the University of Pennsylvania. He is on the faculty for the Ph.D. Program in Policy Research, Evaluation, and Measurement and the Ph.D. Program in School, Community, and Clinical Child Psychology, and teaches multivariate statistics, scaling, and measurement theory. He is principal investigator of Head Start longitudinal studies on the protective effects of early learning behaviors, and directs numerous nationwide epidemiological studies on student learning and behavior disorders. He has published many nationally-standardized scales, expert systems, and articles on applied measurement and statistics, child and adult psychopathology, and developmental learning behaviors. Works include the Study of Children’s Learning Behavior, McDermott Multidimensional Assessment of Children, and the Learning Behaviors Scale.

NEVILLE C. MARSTON is former Principal Officer of Northhamptonshire Social Services Department in England, and Research Associate for the Centre for Educational Disabilities at the University of Guelph, Canada. He was also a co-author of the Bristol Social Adjustment Guides. He is presently a youth missionary serving in the Seychelles Islands in the Indian Ocean.

DENIS H. STOTT was Professor and founding Chair of the Department of Psychology at the University of Guelph, Ontario, Canada. He received his Ph.D. in developmental psychology from Cambridge University, England. Dr. Stott published numerous articles, books, and tests concerning factors that affect school success. Works include Roads to Literacy, Studies of Troublesome Children, the Flying Start Learning-to-Learn Kit, the Bristol Social Adjustment Guides, and the Learning Behaviors Scale. Dr. Stott died on January 22, 1988.