A Visit to WCIA TV & The Beckman Institute

On Thursday, May 6, 2004, members of the WCMS Weather Team and Cloud Team visited WCIA TV in Champaign and the Beckman Institute in Urbana. While at WCIA they toured the facilities, taped a weather broadcast, and watched the noon news and weather report. Later they visited the CAVE at the Beckman Institute to experience 3-D visualizations. Special thanks to anchors Robert Reese and Gabrielle Martin at WCIA TV and Alan Craig at the Beckman Institute.

Robert Reese leads the tour

Behind the scenes at WCIA-TV

The set for the Morning Show

Robert shows how he creates the graphics

The chroma-key green screen

A new team of producers

Standing by at WCIA-TV
(click on image for full size)

A visit to the Beckman Institute
(click on image for full size CAVE view)

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