Vintage Public Domain, Freeware,

& Shareware Software



Commodore Software:

C64 Set 1

C64 Set 2

VIC20 Set 1


Apple II Series Software:

Apple II Set 1

Apple II Set 2

Apple II Set 3

Apple II Home Set

Apple II Education Set

Apple II Games Set

Apple II Business Set

Apple II Adventures Set

Apple II Graphics and Sound

Apple Beagle Bros. set 1


Apple Bulletin Board System 4.2 (Not public domain: see the readme file.)


TRS-80 Mod 1, III, & 4 software:

TRSDOS 1.3 disks for Mod 1, III, 4

TRSDOS 6.XX disks for Model 4

LDOS 6.3 disks

LDOS 6.3 disks set 2

TRSDOS 1.3 Educational

 TRSDOS 1.3 for Mod III and 4



MSDOS (and compatible OS) Software:

Public Domain, Shareware, and Freeware from the 1980’s (may be good on FreeDOS)


Here is some of my old software I am releasing as freeware (Donations accepted):

MSDOS Quality Control:

Cusum chart

p, c, & u Chart

X bar & R Chart (sorry limited docs at this time)


For something fun:

I found an old BPI Accounting sales video for the TI Pro computer.  It is about 67 Meg and an mpeg. I thought I would make it available for download (I thought it funny as a sales tool at the time…and still do).


I had collected a lot of public domain and shareware software over the years.  These collections are for various computer systems, mostly from the late seventies and early eighties.  I used some of the software for myself and my clients when I was a consultant. Even though they are public domain, I paid a lot of $ for this stuff at the time and thought it would be good to share.


Note: some of the software shared here is NOT public domain, but may be freeware or shareware.


With the emulators available today, and a new interest in some of these old systems, I thought it would be nice to make my collections available for free download.  Also, if anyone has collections they would like to share with me, I would appreciate it.


The links on either side are to files that contain disk images of the programs (except the MSDOS stuff).  By right clicking on the links, you should be able to download the files and then unzip them for use.  I try to use common emulator formats for conversion for the non-MSDOS software.


Just email me at  I will try to answer your questions to the best of my knowledge and ability.  Please don’t ask me about any specific application or file, I will only try to help on downloading from my site or on the format of the files.


Just email me at  I will very glad to hear about these programs as you try them and would like to add descriptions for the people who want to use them.  I would also be willing to create special combinations such as games, utilities, etc., though most of these are already separated out that way.  I you have some software you collected, or created and want to share it with others freely, let me know.  I would be interested.



If anyone knows how I might find if software from Applied Engineering might be freely distributed, I have copies of CP/AM, Super Appleworks and RAMDrive, I would like to share.  The CP/AM looks very interesting.  Please email me if you know more about these.


If you have confirmation that other software has been released in public domain or in shareware or freeware from any of these old systems listed here, drop me a line (with verification) so I can add them.  


I have obtained a working Atari 1050 drive and plan to convert my large collection of Atari Public Domain software as soon as I have the time.  In addition, any informative help in converting Coleco Adam and other systems’ software would be appreciated.


Thank you and enjoy.  I plan to add more when I can.


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