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One day my children and I saw a program on amateur rocket launches.  They were very interested and asked if we could do that.  I made and launched model rockets when I was a child and of course said, “when you are older.”  They are now older.


We purchased a few ready to fly rockets when they went on sale in the closeout section of stores and one included a launch pad.  We took them out and launched the rockets and the kids did great with them (though a few were damaged beyond repair).  We also found some kits on sale and assembled those together, though we haven’t launched them yet.


I recently found some old model rockets I made when I was younger, and plan to launch those with the kids.  I now hope to spend some time with my children making and enjoying model rocketry.


I will be adding more information here, including ideas, pictures, and I hope some new designs.  It is fun to be able to share with my children something I enjoyed almost 40 years ago.


Some links you will want to see for reference and to help get you started:

A great resource site with lots of links to documents and other resource sites.

I personally love this page, because here you can find the old rocket plans of history (many with enough information to make them again!).  I love it because he has many of the old Estes Model Rocket News designs and the great Estes Design of the Month.  I plan to build and fly a few of these when I get more of two resources I severly lack: time and money!

Another very good resource site and site for old rocket plans.


More later.


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