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Work Information

Job Title

Network Specialist Coordinator

(Big, long, technical title for the person who takes care of all the stuff others donít want to or donít know how to fix)

Key responsibilities

SAN, Backup, Linux business systems.


Information Technology Services

(Another big, long, title for the computer department)


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Favorite Links


What is an Ambigram?Look at my first attempt for my last name:

Ok, so it needs a little cleaning up and work, but I think it is a good first attempt with such a name.


My second attempt is the word magic.I hope you can see it:


Youíre in trouble now since I plan to add more!


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Contact Information

E-mail address

Web address

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Old Projects

Current Projects

  • Application Programming
  • Reports
  • Stuff everyone else doesn't want or know how to do

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    Biographical Information

    I was born.I will die.In the time between, I am trying to enjoy life as much as possible.


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    Personal Interests

    I recommend this as a great resource for such material:


    ďTake the attitude that the heights attained by others can also be attained by you. The purpose in this is to detach dependency upon successful people, which then activates your own powers. Obviously, this must not be done in a spirit of competition or in an attempt to feel superior, for these wrong motives are weights on our wings.Just realize that the higher world is open to all who really want it, then go all the way.Ē Ė Vernon Howard


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    Last revised: February 17, 2009