Exploring Social Changes

Department of Sociology/Anthropology

Eastern Illinois University

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This is a course for the students who are mainly interested in macro-level social changes, both in the United States and in the contemporary world. The course covers the substance of social change, theories of social change, process of social change, and globalization.

One major purpose of this course is to provide the students with a firm understanding of the major changes in human societies, the factors affecting those changes, and the consequences of changes on different aspects of human life. The other purpose of the course is to apply the major concepts, principles, and theoretical issues discussed in the course to analyze a specific social change in the United States or in other societies.

Text Books:

Course Requirements:

This course consists of lectures, discussions, and class presentations twice a week. Attendance and active class participation are required.




Whenever possible films and guest speakers will supplement the regular course lectures and discussion.

Week 1: Goal: To understand the definition & dimensions of social changes.

Week 2: Goal: To analyze the major Structural and Cultural changes in U.S.A. Week 3: Goal: To analyze the major institutional changes in U.S.A. Week 4: Goal: To understand the major macro level social changes in U.S.A. .

The first examination.

Week 5: Goal: To explore the causes and pattern of social changes.

Week 6:  Goal : To learn the major sociological theories in social changes.

The Second examination

Week 7: Goal : To analyze social movements as processes of social changes in USA.

Week 8: Goal: To explain the major social movements in USA. Week 9: Goal to understand the theories, process, and outcomes of social revolutions. Week 10: Goal: To explore and explain the impacts of new technology on social changes.
The third Examination.
Week 11: Goal: To understand the role of human decisions on social changes.
Week 12: Goal: To understand & explain globalization. Week 13: To explain development and underdevelopment Week 14: Goal: To understand environmental consequences of globalization. Week 15: Goal: To understand environmental consequences of globalization.

Final Examination