EDU2022 Teaching and Learning with Technology in Classrooms

Course Calendar, summer, 2008
JUDY BARFORD, BB2205,  581-7885
 *Student Web work will be in progress throughout the six week session..
EDU2022 project page template -- use for linking of projects, descriptions, and explanations.
Section 001, TR, 8:00 - 11:30 Buzzard Hall, Rm. 1430

Great Resources for use throughout EDU2022

***Dr. Tom Grissom's blog -- something new for technology in education each week.
***Terrific On-line Tutorials for many programs you will use plus many other carefully assembled links for teachers and parents
      from T.Hongrell, technology  director, & teachers at Pocantico Hills School. Scroll to the lower right for the tutorials link
***SmartBoard and podcasting sites from Pocantico Hills School..
***On-Line Tools for Classroom Use from Kathy Schrock.-- calendars, puzzlemakers, certificates, rubrics, maps, etc.
       See also Kathy Shrock's complete guide for educators. Regular updates.
***Endless On-Line Tutorials from Internet4Classrooms. Step by step help for every program used in this course,
       however, not each is updated for the latest versions of the software.

 Course Calendar         Note:  This calendar may be changed by the instructor in consultation with the class.
Date by Day  Topics and Activities -- also see projects template  Resources Due
The state of our education world:
Did You Know/Education, YouTube
Course overview, lab policies, tech survey,
Introductions, interviews and presentations of current class computing favorites 
Course syllabus and calendar  eiu logins and passwords
Lucas video and notes.  Daily definitions. Your EIU pen server account. 
purchase: flash drive for coursework, course packet
Introduction to Netscape Composer/ review of model EDU2022 projects.  Building your index page.
Shelly Cashman
Chapter 1

video -- Jim Diekman's class, Chula Vista California,
from the  George Lucas Educational Foundation

working password

flash drive
course packet

How schools are using the Web  Links to schools  
Polishing your EIU  index page,  posting to your pen account, using WinSCP.  Give credit to your graphics sources. Resources   for creating your page from Pocantico Hills School.
The importance of folders and file names
Work on resume
.pdf format
Daily definitions
Introduction to
Introduction to flickr
Shelly Cashman
Chapter 2, 2.46-.48, 
resume model for educators from EIU Career Services

Composer Tutorials on-line
Making Changes tutorial
Write and upload your EIU
index page
resume.pdf posted

Quiz due on S/C chapter. 
Lucas notes due.
Pervasive ethics in technology education: Intellectual property, copyright laws, the meaning of "free,"  Creative Commons.
Uploading the course projects page. Customizing the projects page.
Creating internal and absolute links,
Making changes.  Using refresh in FTP, reload in your browser
Hotlist options: PortaPortal, Filamentality,, just plain ol' resources page
Daily definitions -- to continue throughout the term.
Appropriate curriculum topics
Shelly Cashman
Chapter 3
tutorials as above, plus
Netscape Composer Hints&Advice

projects page posted

create internal links

Linklog page
Explore school sites.  Find children's work posted on the Web in the subject area and at the grade level of your choice. Reflect on the uses you see for technology using examples from your findings.. Recall S/C chapter 1. Write a short essay on how technology is supporting learning, as you see in the children's work online. See further guidelines in the projects page.
For summer 08, search and  include the following links: a classroom podcast, a classroom vodcast, a classroom blog.

Look ahead to the Curriculum Theme assignment .
Select a theme and begin searching. 
Smart Research from NoodleTools.
Shelly Cashman
Chapter 4

Illinois Computing Educators
Join today!
look for the state winter conference, Feb. 09

See Education World's Featured Teachers

McKenzie, J. (1998) Grazing the net: Raising a generation of free range chickens. Phi Delta Kappan. [online]

essential questions handout

Research, design, and post the
Technology in Schools page,

Individual Reading
S/C selected chapter report

In addition to your professional resume online, enjoy designing an About Me page.. Include photos, and a theme sequence assembled with sound using Photostory or  Moviemaker..   Compare to Power Point  .
Shelly Cashman
Chapter 5

Post About Me page

Study for midterm,


Discuss and diagram technology history and scientific milestones.
Lab time to update all projects up to and including Project 5.
Choosing the Curriculum Theme, overview of all phases of the project: essential question, rationale, site evaluation, concept map, Excel graph, podcast, Webquest link and evaluation, SmartBoard activity.
Review of model curriculum theme projects

Chapter 6
Roblyer, pp.21-24 & 33-38  in packe
Technology throughout History

History of technology and computing handouts    S/C Chapter 1

Individual Reading
S/C selected chapter  online quiz.
Why essential questions -- relevance in curriculum, critical judgement and evaluation, rubrics and checklists.
Work on Curriculum Theme page and site evaluation to support your Essential Question research.  Follow  guidelines on the EDU2022  projects page.  See Project 6 models in the student pages linked below this calendar.
Research and carefully build a rationale to justify the study of your theme. Select a site for review which will be strong in the five evaluation criteria for Web site evaluation.  Know  the Kathy Schrock categories and the ALA categories
S/C Chapters 6 and 7
EQ handout
Web Literacy and Critical Thinking

Kathy Schrock's Guide for Educators
Under "Teacher Helpers" click Critical
Evaluation Tools.  Scroll to ABC's of Web site evaluation.   See also S/C pp. 409-414.

Post the rationale for the selected theme followed by the site eval. for Project 6


Fun with Microsoft Word. Page design with Word Art, images, tables, and columns. Newsletters, labels, book plates, business cards.
Integrating MSWord with PowerPoint -- more easy projects from Tammy Wooster.

Create a concept map for your curriculum theme with 
Inspiration software 
File-export your conceptmap to your disk as a .gif file.
Import the map as an image to your Project 7 template page. 
a sample concept map

Introduction to podcasting.  Examples and Audacity software, Project 11
Tammy Worster's Technology Tips -- endless easy technology ideas the classroom

S/C Chapters 7
Fewell/Gibbs, Ch. 3

Post the
concept map

Individual Reading
S/C selected chapter  online quiz.

Assistive Technology, Shelly/Cashman
South Carolina
Developmentally appropriate curriculum and assistive technology

Presenter, 9 - 11 a.m.
Lou Conwell, Carl Sandburg School, third grade teacher, presents her SmartBoard activities and strategies as well as other favorite classroom technologies.  This will be an interactive presentation packed with real-time ideas from a master teacher!
Welcome, Mrs. Conwell!

Find and demonstrate a SmartBoard activity to complement your curriculum theme. Link the activity to Project 6

Use the Smart Notebook and Smart tools to design a SmartBoard activity of your own.

S/C Chaper 8

The impact of Smart Technologies in today's classrooms

Post the link to a relevant SmartBoard activity

Demonstrate to the class your own Smart activity

Search for compelling data to illustrate your curriculum inquiry. Use Excel and the Graphing Wizard for a mathematical analysis.  Example .
2007 data from the State of the World's Children -- use most recent data
from UNICEF ********
from Mrs. Renz's class

Continue work on podcast introducing your curriculum theme.

The field of computer ethics. (This project may need to be omitted due to time constraints).  Topics and issues. Project guidelines and criteria for points will be available in your course WebCT account.  For threading the discussion -- distinguish between the Compose command and the Reply command.
See Henking School Kid Pix presentation
(Technology link)
must view  in Explorer, not Netscape

Fewell/Gibbs, Chapter 5
S/C Ch. 8

Post  the graph

Compose and  post your ethics discussion to the WebCT discussion board
WebQuest, Web Inquiry Project evaluation.  Use the rubric in your packet and linked here. Apply each category of the rubric to your selection of an exemplary WebQuest or WIP. 

Complete and post the podcast, Project 11

Structured, interactive demonstrations from each class member begin.

Preparation for final exam
WebQuest links and samples
handout --
articleMolebash & Dodge
Post podcast

Submit paper WQ evaluation.

Post evaluated WQ link for curriculum theme w. links

Study guide, final exam
Structured, interactive demonstrations from each class member continue

Final exam

Presentations, final exam

Model student EDU2022 Web pages from previous semesters:
Shannon Lochner Emily A..Boyd
Meg Annerino  Courtney Shepard,  Lindsey Dalesandro,  Meghan Parrish Kristin Meyer,  Amy Gostomelsky,
Kalee Reinoehl,  Dennis Zeke Johnson,
Sarah Deters
This calendar may be changed during the summer term due to unforeseen needs or constraints.

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