Final Exam

for Excursions OnLine students

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Dear Excursions OnLine Students,

This note has already been sent to you by eMail. If you read this note on the internet but have not already rec'd it as an eMail note, that means I do not have your correct eMail address. NOTIFY ME IMMEDIATELY if this happens. A note by eMail is probably the best way to reach me. Telephone me if that does not work (217-581-6346).

You should all have your mid-term results by now, of course. Again, if that is not the case, NOTIFY ME IMMEDIATELY!

How was the mid-term? How did that work to send it by eMail and send the results back by eMail? We're going to do that again with the final. I will eMail you the final exam tomorrow (Wednesday) -- probably before 1:00.

Make sure you can read it. There ARE diagrams in the final. You will NEED the diagrams. If you had any trouble with the diagrams in the midterm, LET ME KNOW IMMEDIATELY! Unless you tell me otherwise, I will send this in RTF format and as plain text with the diagrams as attached gif files.

Take no more than TWO HOURS for the final. Set that time aside to use as a single block at one setting. As with the mid-term, no outside help. As with the mid-term, the equations are on the final exam. Give me a short statement that you have taken the final under these conditions. Then give me the numbers (1 - 100) and your answers is a long, SINGLE column.

Send me those answers and your statement by NOON on FRIDAY, June 2.

Check your eMail address on the eMail version of this notice. If you prefer to have the final come to a different eMail address, LET ME KNOW IMMEDIATELY!

In a SEPARATE eMail msg, I would like feedback about the course. Has it been good? What could make it better? Has it been confusing? Is it good or bad to take such a course over the web? Is is good or bad to take such a course in four weeks. You might also send copies of those feedback reports to Pam Collins <> and Marla Cooper <> in Continuing Education.

-- Doug Davis

Professor of Physics

Eastern Illinois University

Charleston IL 61920

voice: 217-581-6346

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(c) Doug Davis, 2002; all rights reserved