Change of Plan

Exams for Excursions OnLine students

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I have not heard from many -- even most -- of you!

Drop me an eMail note at immediately!

This class of Excursions Online students -- that's you -- is scattered around the nation more than any before. That's good! But that means our usual plan of having proctored exams at a few nearby community colleges will not work this time.

Therefore, we are treading into new territority! On Wednesday, 5/17/2000, I will eMail to you a copy of the midterm exam. I will send this in several forms -- RTF, Word, ClarisWorks, and plain text. There are two or three illustrations. Those will not appear in the plain text version so I will send those as seperate gif files.

Sometime -- anytime -- before ThuRsday evening, set aside one hour to take the exam. The exam is your effort -- no outside help is allowed, no notes, no "open book", no "open notes". Allow yourself one hour at one single sitting to complete the exam. Useful equations are listed on the exam.

Then eMail back to me a short note stating that you took the exam on your own without any outside help, in one sitting, in less than an hour. Then give me the question numbers (1 through 80) and your answers (A through E), such as

1 A


3 C

4 E

5 B

6 Etc

Please send yourself a copy of this eMail note.

I still urge you to contact a community college near you and talk to the Physics Department or the Media Center and see if they have "The Mechanical Universe" video tapes. They are really very, very good.

I still have not heard from some of you -- which means I do NOT have an eMail address for you.

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