PHYsics 3050G

Excursions - Live!

Excursions - Live! refers to the regular section of PHY 3050G which meets in Room 2153, with a live audience, a live lecturer, and live demonstrations.

There is also another section of PHY 3050G which is delivered entirely over the interent. That section is known as Excursions onLine.

For the most part, the two courses are identical. The requirements of the two sections are the same. The timescale or the pace of the two sections are the same. Due to logistical problems, the number of exams for the two sections are different.

I am combining Excurisions Live! and Excursions Online so both groups of students can see all the comments and questions on the Bulletin Board. That also means you will see the same items for grades. Both groups will take all the online quizzes. Students in Excursions Live! will take four hour exams and the final. Students in Excursions Online will take only a mid-term exam and the final. Please do not worry about seeing a blank entry under "mid-term" if you are in Excursions Live! You will NOT have a mid-term exam if you are in Excursions Live!


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