PHYsics 3050C

Adventures in Physics

We are now ready to move from Mechanics to Waves and Sound and on to Light and Optics. For these topics we will use a different text, "Adventures in Physics".

You will need to pick up this Adventures in Physics text at the University Print Center, located on the south side of the first floor of the Student Services Building (almost due east of the Old Science Building). We will discuss details in class.

Paul Hewitt, in Conceptual Physics, covers these topics and you may want to read along there as well. I have found that I teach these topics with somewhat different emphases than Conceptual Physics. That is the reason for the Adventures in Physics textbook.

Your Adventures in Physics packet from the University Printer Center will be in black and white. If you would like to see the drawings and photos in color, you can click here. Or, in general, if you want to read Adventures in Physics over the internet, just click here. Even with a (black and white) hard copy, you will probably want to look at the color illustrations over the internet.

If you are a student in Excursions Online and want your own (black and white) hard copy version of Adventures in Physics, call Sharon Nichols at the Physics Department Office, 217-581-3220. The cost is about $6.50.



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