PHYsics 1151


Chapter 16; Temperature and Heat

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D16.1 If you have a fever of 102° on a Fahrenheit thermometer, what is your temperature on a Celsius thermometer?

D16.2 On a concrete road, how large should the expansion joints be between sections if each section is 15 m long. Consider a temperature range of -10°C to + 35°C.

D16.3 A steel surveying tape is carefully calibrated at 20°C. However, it is used on a 38°C summer day. Are the distances measured too large or too small? What is the percentage of error introduced by this temperature change?

D16.4 A home furnace is rated at 50,000 Btu/h. What is this power rating in kilowatts?

D16.5. A child’s wading pool contains 1.2 m3 of water at 15°C. How much heat must be added to the pool to bring the temperature to 27°C?

D16.6 Once its melting point is reached, how much heat is required to melt a 0.5 kg bar of gold?

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