PHY 1151

Doug Davis

Ch 1, Introduction

Homework Questions Only

Ch 1, Introduction: 5, 12, 19, 23, 33, 34, 41


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D1.5. A tabletop measures 4 ft by 5 ft. What is the area of the tabletop in square meters?

D1.12. Express 65 mi/h in kilometers per hour.

D1.19. Being careful to give the answer to the appropriate number of significant figures, add the following numbers: 29.34, 35.452, 123.92, and 8.934 .

D1.23. The length of a card is measured as 42.3 cm; its width, as 12.764 cm. To the correct number of significant figures, what is the area of the card?

D1.33. Light from a helium-neon laser has a wavelength of 632.8 nm. Express this in meters, using scientific notation.

D1.34. Add the following numbers, being careful to keep only the appropriate significnt figures in your answer: 9.135 x 102, 3.375 x 104, 1.934 x 103.
D1.41. A mechanical watch is advertised as not gaining or losing more than 5 s a month. What is the percent accuracy of this watch? That is, if it gains (or loses) 5 s in a 30-cay month, how accurate -- expressed as a percentage -- is the time it reads?

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